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Why Nepal should be in your bucket list for 2021.



Why Nepal should be in your bucket list for 2021.

People of Kathmandu

New year, new resolutions, and new travel plans. Are you looking for travel bucket list ideas for your next trip? Include Nepal in it. I tell you why? 

NEPAL, a country blessed with a serene climate, age-old antique traditions, authentic Newari food, and enthusiastic people who are always thrilled to welcome and host the tourists with complete anticipation. It is a home away from home – as the significant population comprises Hindus that associate to somewhat Indianness not seen by many yet. 

“The country’s diverse and vivid array of spectacular landscapes has already gained the place in Forbes’ 10 bucket list trips for the decade.” 

Nepal caters most scenic travel sites like the historical monuments, several beautiful temples and monasteries that depict Nepal’s customs and socio-religious life and the superlative architecture that makes it stands out to be a destination worth to be explored. 

It is a home-ground to huge and breathtaking snow-capped eight mountain ranges that are considered the tallest mountains globally, including the almighty Himalayas and the highest peak in the world at Mount Everest the Nepali residents respectfully call ‘Sagarmatha’. 

Many of the country’s historical and unique experiences and attractions are a well-kept secret, however, that’s bound to become common soon. Seize this opportunity to be closer to the Nepali people’s inner circle and unique perspective while still relatively less crowded. 

Beyond the Everest

Nepal isn’t just for the “intrepid hikers and climbers”, or even a country known for backpacking. There’s much more to it that leaves anyone, and everyone mesmerized. 

It is also home to several green-lush valleys and forest covers that shelter a diverse population of astonishing flora and fauna. Terai Plains of the Jhapa region will offer you some heart-throbbing views that you will love to capture in your cameras and your hearts. 

The locals and conscious travellers have acknowledged many fascinating places, such as the villages around Dhulikhel and Nagarkot for decades. It also has many UNESCO World Heritage sites, out of which the Chitwan National Park is a must-visit place that needs to be there on your list. Chitwan is native to the prolific wildlife reserve and a hub of few endangered species like the one-horned rhino, gharial crocodile, Royal Bengal tigers and much more that you will be fortunate enough to witness.  

Pokhara, the ‘Jewel of the Himalaya’ and the travelling retreat for the writers, is blessed with the beauty of snow-covered peaks of the mountain ranges of Annapurna and the soothing atmosphere prevailing in the surroundings of Phewa, Rupa, and Begnas lakes

Kathmandu In-Out 

Beginning and finishing in Kathmandu, one of the most colourful cities in the world, Nepal tour will be half-done if you don’t spend much time exploring the Kathmandu valley. Immerse into Nepalese lifestyle, join the monks and nuns, spend evenings in the bars and cafes, morning visit temples, and play a game of golf, that is Kathmandu for you. From sunrise to sunset, the colours, people and experiences make Kathmandu a perfect destination for nature lovers and travellers.

And adrenaline-seekers can enjoy various activities like bungee jumping, hot air balloon rides, rafting, off-road biking. 

Nepal is a paradise for adventure travellers with off-the-grid options, camping, hiking, or backpacking for days in Annapurna or Mustang region. If you are obsessed with remote destinations and looking to reboot the Action-In-You, you can imagine some of Nepal’s most badass adventures. 

Beautiful view from the top can be seen when the weather is nice. Photo of Pokhara by Sergey Pakhomov

The Food Culture 

Nepal treats you like a king, especially in Kathmandu of Pokhara where every other building is a restaurant, making a world cuisine map. Thanks to the international tourist arrival, these cities of culinary delights from across the globe. You can also grab a good variety of Nepali cuisine, and street food like the Seli Rotis, mouthwatering momos and exotic Nepali Chiya (tea) and other food delicacies that will satisfy your taste-buds. 

Remember to take full advantage of this food journey–once you begin hiking and trekking into remote areas, the choices will be limited.

And, the abode of Buddha

If you are interested in mixing meditation with your adrenaline, a monastery, nunnery, or Lumbini visit is worth taking. Lumbini, the capital of Buddhism, is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha in Nepal’s lowlands. Just 20Km from Indian border of Sunauli, It is only a short flight from Kathmandu. 

A full of contrasts, many moments to be captured in your camera, the smiling faces, the country is incredibly welcoming. The indisputable characteristic of Nepal is undoubtedly its people, endowed with the gift for kindness and empathy. You will celebrate these thoughts as these memories will be permanently registered in your hearts and provide a fresh experience each time you think about Nepal. Isn’t it amazing?

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