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Why Is Travel Insurance Becoming More important Now



Why Is Travel Insurance Becoming More important Now

  • Most people do not consider travel insurance as necessary as a car, bike, or health insurance.
  • Coronavirus has changed travel insurance in a way no one could have imagined.
  • Travel Insurance is more critical than ever right now, especially during these trying times.
Importance of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is already more important for people like Amit Khanna. That’s mainly because of his overseas trip, which got affected because of COVID-19. The refund process was tedious, with a large part of non-refundable arrangements. But will it become equally important for others as well? 

A frequent traveller for work and holidays, Amit feels that travel behaviour will change a lot, and so the insurance. It has already become mandatory for many countries around the world. 

Mandatory Travel Insurance Policy for tourists

There are over 40 countries that have made travel insurance compulsory for travellers before you travel there. It is a part of a legal document you have to show before you enter the country. 

It takes care of all your expenses for an emergency crisis

It provides us with compensation for things such as

Flights delay, missed or cancelled flights. The cancellation cost of air-tickets and hotel bookings will be covered under your Travel Insurance Policy.

Loss of your baggage or passport 

In case you lose your luggage or passport during travel, your Travel Policy provider will arrange for emergency cash and replace the passport. They will also arrange a predefined compensation amount ( as per the terms & conditions of your policy ). 

Sudden Health emergencies during travel 

Staying healthy is important for travellers, and a quick visit to a doctor or hospitalization can be a significant expense, especially when you are travelling overseas. Travel insurance companies provide you with assistance and also cover your hospital bills. 

In case of violation, you might not get benefits of your current health or other insurance policies

As for the COVID-19 situation, if you violate the government policy of traveling, you will not be compensated for medical service. So, if it is mandatory, you must buy one to protect yourself.

The risk of catching Covid-19 during travel 

With many protocols and guidelines, hotels and airlines are trying to make travel safer, and however, there is still a risk. It requires proper travel planning like selecting the right destination, hotels for stay, and the insurance policy. 

Keeping up the safety first is the only way forward, and with the sudden awareness about safe and comfortable travel, we could expect a considerable change in consumer mindset as they will opt for more and more travel insurance.

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