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Why Annapurna Circuit is listed among 10 must-visit tourist destinations worldwide by Lonely Planet



Why Annapurna Circuit is listed among 10 must-visit tourist destinations worldwide by Lonely Planet

Annapurna Circuit

Stuck at home because of lockdown? Slowly with time, the travel will resume, but the travelers will remain careful in planning their trips. Lonely Planet has just released its second edition of “Ultimate Travel List” highlighting the Top 500 must-visit tourist destinations like Annapurna worldwide. It comes quite handy to inspire post-pandemic future journeys.

And, Annapurna Circuit among top 10 in the list 

The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal makes in top 10 of this list along with wildlife on the Galapagos Islands, Iguazú Falls, and Yellowstone National Park’s geothermal landscapes.

Why is Annapurna Circuit so special? Take a look here. 

I grew up reading tales that had places leaving us curious to get a look of them. One such image was the snowy mountains of Himalayas lending a picturesque warmth like no other. Maybe it is the magnetism of Annapurna, that makes me feel that I am returning. 

So, just like me, if you harbour such dreams, something that leaves you in awe of its glory, then somehow you too feel that Mt. Annapurna is calling you. I have been hearing tourists whisper to each other that this place is paradise’s splendour. It is something that you relish from your busy life and hustle. It will make you feel escaped, at another safe home for your inner warmth while you create beautiful memories trekking along or just strolling on the mesmerizing terrains of Annapurna Hills. On your way in these lush green covers, you will encounter beautiful rice-paddy fields and eye-catching grasslands. 

Have you ever wished of capturing a picture-perfect photo of snowy peaks in your cameras? 

As for other mountain wonders to uncover, go to Thorung La- snow-capped mountain range situated at a heart-throbbing altitude. Discover the intriguing hidden secrets and admire these peaks that lure nature lovers all the time. 

Tlilicho lake is another great attraction of the Annapurna Circuit, which will give you a majestic experience of nature’s unmatched beauty. For any traveller, a trip through an epic trek across the region is purely for the love of Annapurna. If you are an adrenaline-seeker and trekking freak like me, this place is a real delight.  

It took me nearly 20 days to walk through the region, climb the peaks, and spend time in the charming villages of Manangis, Gurungs, and Thakalis. If you are travelling in March, April and September to November, the serene atmosphere and perfect climate always refresh your soul and let you cherish unforgettable memories.  

A challenging journey on the bumpy and dusty roads, all is not lost though as you catch the rhododendrons forests in full bloom, during your trip from March to mid-April. Staying at Ker and Downey unique lodges on the way that offer to experience the magnificent scenery in style and comfort whilst staying in en suite rooms. 

Here Mt Annapurna is closed enough to touch. Isn’t that great?

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