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Where Are Indians Travelling In The Year 2021



Where Are Indians Travelling In The Year 2021

  • Top 4 emerging destinations type of 2021 as travel preferences shift post COVID-19
  • Within India, Goa followed by Kerala and Shimla ranked top on the travel bucket list.
  • Is the year 2021 declared as the Year of Indian Domestic Tourism?
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The pandemic changed many of our travel habits last year, including how we travel and where we travel. The tourism industry in India has been one of the largest contributors to India’s GDP in recent years. The tourism sector drives regional development and directly supports various types of businesses and numerous types of jobs.

But in 2020, the tourism industry was severely impacted as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. A survey conducted by ZestMoney, India’s leading AI-driven EMI financing platform showed that around 57 per cent of the respondents took their next trip in early 2021 as most of them did not take a vacation in the last three months. This survey was conducted among 4,600 respondents across major metros and Tier 2 and 3 cities in India. 

A further study of the data showed;

51% of respondents prefer to go to Goa
32.9% were in favour of Kerala 
31.4% want Shimla their next travel destination

Some other popular destinations among the respondents were Jaipur, Kashmir, Ladakh, Agra and Mysore.

Goa and Kerala’s being preferred by most respondents could be people’s cravings to bask in the beaches and backwaters sunshine and experience the best of food after having stayed in their homes for weeks.

The survey analysis showed respondents’ significant inclination towards domestic tourist destinations over international or even intrastate travel. Further keeping in mind all the safety concerns, most of them preferred private means of travelling, unless they trust their travel services providers.

Apart from these amazing places, there are many other beautiful places in the interiors of India and which will leave you amazed and want you to travel more and are least explored by the people and not in the knowledge of them. Such places are the best for people who have a low budget and high interest in travel.

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