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What will it take you to travel again?



What will it take you to travel again?

  • What else are the travellers looking for beyond a vaccine and reopening of borders?
  • When is it safe to travel again? People want to travel again but with safety & hygiene at the destination.
  • In the times of uncertainty, we share 05 Trust Signals that make people comfortable for travel.

If we could ask you one question—What will it take you to travel again?
City &I tapped its network to research and get the answer to the above. We received many thoughtful responses expressing the deep concerns related to travel. Most of the respondents chose the COVID-19 vaccine and a drop in infection as a significant motivation for them to travel.

What else are the travelers looking for beyond a vaccine and reopening of borders?

When we further asked them what hotels and travel partners should do to guarantee a safe holiday for them, the majority of them spoke about reassurance and trust in safety & hygiene at the destination. The results point up some interesting outcomes and facts about Trust-For-Travelling.

When Is It Safe To Travel Again?

People want to travel again. The survey unlocks one fascinating fact that people feel motivated by the news of the reopening of the destinations and hotels. They also equate brand trust with safety and cleanliness— the top purchase driver among our respondents. The advanced sanitizing efforts and guidelines by the hotels, exclusive services, flexible booking options are other factors that break peoples’ hesitation for travelling.

Five Trust signals

The five important factors that bring the confidence among the travellers are;

Why Are We Vocal About These Trust Signals

Perhaps many of you have already made your post-COVID travel bucket list. Simply asking you “What it will take you to travel again?” is not enough for us—instead, we’ve got to do something with the answers. And, we are clearly onto it. The hotel, travel agent, restaurant, or destination you choose will have a significant impact on safe travel experience—not to mention the hygiene and safety protocols are paramount for your decision.And, this keeps us talking about your safety, trust, and comfortable holiday— so your opinion reaches our partners, and they appraise the preparation and safety guidelines thoroughly before they are ready to welcome you again. We make all the listing hotels actively listen to your concerns.

What is your opinion?

Give Your Opinion, and tell us about your safety needs that should be taken care of by the local administration, hotels or the travel agencies. We will add a new trust signal here. With every Trust Signal, we all get a better holiday experience.

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