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In Conversation With Krithika Subramanian: This Is What Leaders In The Industry Think



In Conversation With Krithika Subramanian: This Is What Leaders In The Industry Think

Krithika Subramanian

Krithika Subramanian, a hotelier, a classical dancer, an architect and designer who owns Svatma Resort, a boutique luxury hotel in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu is wising to make Tamil Nadu a destination of choice for the discerning and culturally inclined travellers. She talks about the impact of Covid-19 in the hospitality industry and the future and luxury travel in an email interview.

Is COVID impacting the future of hotel design trends in the time of social distancing? How does your expertise come handy here for your hotels?

Krithika Subramanian personally believes “Man is a Social Animal“. No disease or disruption can alter his behavior forever. Post vaccine I doubt the environmental aesthetics of hotels will require major alteration. The saturation on the floor of Bars or restaurants may abate interim, sanitation and hygiene always the focus of design for us as designers and builders will continue to gain prominence in our radar. Guests will notice efforts in these areas more sensitively.

Hotels are writing new protocols and SOPs but winning the trust of travellers is daunting. What do you say about it?

Any good hotel should have had most of these protocols in Housekeeping and Sanitation. The only add on would be the odd temperature check or mask on regulations which will be across employee categories back of the house and front end.
Guests, however, must still feel empowered to relax at will. SOP enforced on a guest will be a recipe for disaster.

Do you foresee domestic travel opening anytime soon in your region? Will it also be different than usual?

I see domestic travel as huge potential and am looking forward to people rediscovering the glamour of their own ethnicity and lost cultural pride due to the inevitable loss of options and international travel restrictions.

In the Post-Covid scenario, exclusivity will be the new luxury for HNIs. How is Svatma preparing for this segment?

We are “Exclusive as Ever“ proud to be in the boutique luxury market. We keep things simple, pleasurable, no pretensions, and that is our greatest attraction. The intuitive realisation of nuanced artistry in our hospitality and service is our major focus in training and delivery of services.

What are the creative ways hotels should adapt to ensure a safe experience and interaction of guests with their property?

I believe in never trying too hard—just natural warmth and hospitality sans artifice. There is an authentic experience, and if a hotel can offer it and strike the right cord in every interaction with a guest that itself makes a guest feel they are in a safe haven.

Where will you be heading once travel opens again?

I will be headed to Svatma Thanjavur, and it’s ongoing project sites as the first leg of travel.

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