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How far in advance, I have to book my trip to Nepal? If we take sightseeings on the spot, will it be cheaper?



How far in advance, I have to book my trip to Nepal? If we take sightseeings on the spot, will it be cheaper?

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Good Question:

We are a family of four planning a trip to Nepal in mid-April, including an expat friend living in India. For our 01 week trip, can we book excursions and sightseeing while in Kathmandu? Will it be flexible and doable on the spot? Also, are the museum and monuments fee same for expats ( if they have a PAN card in India )?

Naman Mishra, Noida

Good Answer:

Yes, last-minute bookings and the services are very much possible for trip to nepal, but you could face logistical and a few operational hurdles. Let me explain this to you here; 

The problem with last-minute hotels booking is that the prices are high. You also don’t get special deals or discounts, which the hotels offer for early bookings. Another challenge could be of availability if you are travelling during the peak season. 

For your internal flights in Nepal, there are also possibilities that you won’t get any seats. 

It would be best to consider the time and efforts taken to make these reservations at the destination. You are on vacation and won’t like to spend time reviewing and planning the excursions and sightseeing whereas you should have enjoyed the holidays. 

Rather than working on a full itinerary when you arrive, I suggest you plan in advance, at least your stay, flights and transportation so that you don’t face any difficulties with your trip, and it becomes nothing but smooth sailing.

And, do It When You’re There

The trip’s excitement would be to take suggestions locally for DIY city excursions, evening visits, and dine-out. These activities require minimal planning and can be arranged within no time. 

As your trip’s significant amount goes to hotels, flights, and transportation, you can always avail the early rate advantage. Rest of the pricing for sightseeing, meals at local restaurants, monument tickets are fixed and won’t change much. 

For the monument fees for foreigners, Tourism Dptt charges different rates for foreign nationals and Indian nationals. The prices and fees for foreigners are always higher at the monuments ( irrespective of his PAN Card issued in India).

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