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The New Way Of Drinking Tea: Laheke Chai Cafe



The New Way Of Drinking Tea: Laheke Chai Cafe

  • This little cafe connects each aspect of the local community— from experience to the people you meet, to the quality of service you receive—with awareness, purpose, and thoughtful consideration of sustainability.

The Story

A little cafe in the vicinity of Kaziranga National Park called Laheke Chai Cafe is running on a concept to train the locals in highly professional culture and mentorship and make them skilled enough to serve the International clientele and earn their best possible living.

Making a difference together

Laheke. Even the name sounds slow and relaxing. It’s origin as some ‘Me Time’ for the tourists visiting Kaziranga National Park, but now popularity is reaching far and wide.

Every time you stop here for a coffee, it gives confident garçon a simple affirmation: Yes, you are making a difference.

Laheke Chai Cafe

By supporting such locally-owned businesses, your spending will travel far to the local communities, sending ripples of economic support to the local supply chain.

Laheké Chai Café is a community development initiative in Kaziranga National Park, where it provides culinary and hospitality training to youth from the surrounding region. Café uses only locally sourced fruits & vegetables and bake all their bread, cakes, pastries and cookies right there in the kitchen. They put their full energies to reduce ‘food miles’ and provide an environmentally responsible offering.


How can you contribute

Coffee With Cream And Charity
Put this address in your travel bucket-list and ensure you stop by
here for a coffee.

Share It
Show your support with such endeavour to new job creations
for locals. Promote this on your social media network group.

Tell Us Your Tale
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Let us bring this to people to know more about it. Write to us at [email protected]

Address: Laheke Chai Cafe, Harmoti No. 2, Kuthari, Kaziranga National Park, Assam. Tel: +91 84207 99299

“Wildlife guests enjoying stopover at the cafe”

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