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The Distinctive Made-In-Nepal brands you can’t resist to buy



The Distinctive Made-In-Nepal brands you can’t resist to buy

  • Local designers in Nepal are crafting some great products by blending contemporary and ethical production methods.
  • Strolling and shopping Kathmandu's Durbar Marg for holiday souvenirs and gifts can be fun.
  • Go shop for these Made-In-Nepal brands if you are looking for the fresh and original experience.
Made in Nepal

Buddha’s land is a huge basket full of beautiful things, may that be the people of Nepal, culture, food, the mighty mountain ranges, or the spiritual and other places of tourist attractions. All this is from the ancestral times and is carried and maintained responsibly from generations to generations. But apart from these pre-existing distinct qualities, Nepal is evolving year-by-year with distinctive creative energies. The commitment, capabilities, and determination of Nepali people have helped their nation tread its way towards development and receive global recognition.

Tourism has showered a massive exposure to new excellent and innovative job opportunities to the natives. Nepalis are enthralled to do new things and always readily face the challenges that appear on their way with smiles on their faces. These highly motivated people exploit all their abilities and channel their efforts to make their motherland observe progressive and economic growth. The hunger to achieve something has kept that fire ignited in the hearts of Nepalis that always inspires them to stay parallel to the rest of the modern world. 

Are the tourists visiting Nepal familiar only with the general accessories and traditional souvenirs like Tibetan jewellery, singing bowls, or beautiful prayer flags??

No, India’s little mountain twin is well-known for several talented and prolific contemporary artists or designers. These designers implement their innovative ideas and use their creative minds to craft some great products by blending ethical and efficient production methodologies.

Products like saris, bags, jewellery are being crafted inspired by rustic and traditional styles but finished by giving a modern touch. Several indigenous, small-scale industries and companies have been set up in Nepal to impart it a new identity of becoming a modern nation.

Forget the big brands. Part of your adventure trip to Nepal can be strolling and shopping Nepal’s charming area, Durbar Marg. Buying loads of one-of-a-kind-labels can be a little reminder of your travel adventure to Nepal. Let’s meet some of the best and most pro-efficient fashion designers in Nepal and understand what they produce.

Sherpani Creations- A brand which is a traditional hunter

Sherpani Creations is owned by Emilie Sherpa who designs necklaces, anklets, and bracelets out of traditional Tibetan malas. Malas are strings which have prayer beads posing spiritual values. These traditional-cum-modern fashion wears are mainly unisex and are highly demanded by the locals and the tourists. Few eye-catching stones like jasper and tiger eye are also used in making these products even more attractive. You can spot Sherpani Creations stores in Kathmandu and Jhamsikhel and shop these exclusive products.

Ekadesma- History of Nepal presented most appropriately Ekadesma is a Nepali word that says ‘once upon a time’. Ekadesma is a Nepali brand that is owned by two sisters Alpaza and Anuza Shrestha. The brand’s speciality is that all the products are entirely designed by women provided with proper training. Folklores of Nepal are magnificently showcased through the graphic works done on T-shirts and housewares designed by this company. The quality of cloth used is simple, comfy, and of premium quality natural fibres. These products can be ideal souvenirs to take back home.

HattiHatti- Brand focusing on women empowerment

We have always heard that the country whose female population is empowered, and educated, that country is said to be a developed nation. Hattihatti works on bringing this concept into reality by empowering the women of discrete communities and backgrounds. They have a majority of female staff who are professionally trained and skilled. Products designed by this company include cute tote bags, recycled saris transformed into sparkling kimonos.

Resa Living- An authentic mix of Danish and Nepali designs 

Resa Living is a lifestyle store operated by Theresa. Her brand infuses Nepali designs and craftsmanship with elegant Scandinavian fashion to give a resplendent product. Products designed here comprise jewellery designed using old Nepali coins, handbags, and purses made up of Nepal’s traditional fabrics with some extensive colour combinations. Resa Living has its stores in Jhamsikhel, and they even host their products on their company’s website.

Allaré- Journey from locally customized products to the global fashion brand 

Allaré is a brand that aims to connect and provide exposure to traditional and pure Nepali crafts globally. Distinctive wooden blocks embossed with Nepali designs are widely used into modern accessories like pen drives, bookmarks, and bottle openers. Allaré’s popular product is the Doko bag which holds resemblance to the typical Nepali bamboo doko bag. You should try these Doko bags if you wish to feel Nepal’s authentic fashion.

Not just this, Nepal has set its benchmark in the fashion world by achieving a new milestone of organizing a Fashion Show at the highest altitude. Nepal became the first country to receive a Guinness World Record for hosting a fashion show at an altitude of 5340 meters named The Mount Everest Fashion Runway. This event was held at Kala Patthar located in the vicinity of Everest base camp. It was a part of the Nepal Tourism Board campaign, and models worldwide had participated. This fashion show posed a social cause to promote sustainable development in fashion and spread awareness about climate change. The clothes and other fashion products used during the event were all organic and depicting traditional Nepal.

Nepal is modernizing but by improvising its traditional aspects to uplift their nation’s reputation. It is said that you can take your body out of Nepal, but what about the heart and the mind? They always stay entangled in the memories that provide the essence of Vibrant Nepal.

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