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Staycation: The New Outlook On Travel And Why It Is A Safe Bet



Staycation: The New Outlook On Travel And Why It Is A Safe Bet

  • Staycations are the new vacation trends of 2020. The way we take time off for ourselves is changing — with new ideas of Staycations.
  • Why do people in India today prefer staycations to more traditional vacations? Say Hello To new Indian Staycation holidays

Low on holiday budget and carbon footprint, how staycation is a win-win for everyone. Read the full story.

Travelling to a new place, especially during times like this when ‘health’ remains the prime concern is a risky option. Therefore, people are not exploring new places and instead are on the lookout for more familiar and trustworthy holiday outings. This new outlook on travel makes staycation a safer and wiser choice when it comes to travelling.

When the world is scrambling to build, being stuck in one place with limited safe options seems to be the right choice for many. So, people are exploring new beginnings—As we see an increase in the number of people travelling for minibreaks on the weekends for a small getaway. A staycation may come across as a popular concept of travelling, but it has been there for many years whenever a drastic fall in the economy squeezed the wallet of the common people. The need to squander less money on shopping, food and travel is a more mindful way of enjoying the vacations, now known as staycation. It means staying around or nearer to your home by devoting your time to your hobbies or finding a new one.

If you are still not on board with this idea, read on to know the benefits that you may reap while enjoying the vacation in the close proximity of your home:

Zero planning hassles

Even if you are not an avid traveller, you must be aware of the scenic locations and great hotels in your area, which are a safe option. This will save a lot of time spent during the pre-travel research. Besides, you can select your hotel simply based on word-of-mouth since either a friend or a family member must have already been there and who can give a better review than someone you already know! Also, with only a few options to choose from, you can easily find the hotels maintaining the best health and hygiene practices. 

No need to wait for weekends anymore to travel

For most of the professionals, weekends bring the much-needed respite from work. And quite a lot of planning goes into to make the most of these two days. From advance bookings for travel and hotels to activities and adventure, people often tend to spend a lot every weekend in comparison to what they have spent the whole week. A staycation saves not only money but also a lot of travel time as you can travel whenever you feel like whether it’s weekend or not.

Save Money

Having spent no money on flight or train tickets; staycation is much more affordable than your usual vacation plans. A location that can be reached within a few hours with your own vehicle and familiarity with the local market saves a lot of money and helps you stay within the budget. In addition to this, the proximity of the location also means there won’t be a huge difference in the food culture, hence not only you spend less on food but also save yourself from a hunting spree to find a restaurant that serves your known delicacies.

Great time for rejuvenation

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The shorter the duration of your travel, the busier you will be. Hence, often the weekend trips end up even more exhausting than the weekdays. Whereas a staycation means one will have more actual time to relax as things like booking tickets and surfing the internet for the best hotels are taken care of. When the aim is to rejuvenate, it is important to sip in every moment rather than rushing through the schedule and trying out various things just because you have less time in hand.

A safer bet

When even several months of lockdown and strict regulations haven’t been able to stop the outbreak of COVID-19, we must become responsible for our own health and safety. Although travel will fully return back as soon as the world comes out of the pandemic, yet it doesn’t mean you need to hold back all your travel desires. A staycation means accepting the new normal and being aware of your hygiene and fitness while appreciating the beauty of the local.

However, it will take some time for international and interstate travel to start with a full swing, but you can take this time to notice the unnoticed of your own city or a surrounding one. You may be surprised to find the peace you have been searching for, is already there not far from you.

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