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Reviving Indigenous Art: Kanha Museum Of Life & Art



Reviving Indigenous Art: Kanha Museum Of Life & Art

  • Today, the travellers and tourism industry have acknowledged sustainable tourism significantly, especially visits to national parks, and contributing to the local community's benefits. 
  • This museum in the jungles of Kanha has furnished us with a model for sustainable tourism development and provides a blueprint that others can follow.

The Story

Curated in the jungle, the Kanha Museum of Life and Art showcases indigenous art of Gond and Baiga tradition in the lush lap of the land that draws inspiration from the forests and wildlife around.

This true depiction of the local art and life is one of the privately maintained museums of Kanha, a must-visit for travellers to the Kanha National Park. 

“It is an expression of the extraordinary journey of philanthropist Tulika Kedia who over the decades has nurtured her inner calling by supporting wildlife conservation, indigenous art and culture, and holistic education. The museum is located within the premises of the Singinawa Jungle Lodge near the Mukki gate of the National Park.

A quaint place just next to Kanha National Park to appreciate some indigenous art.

Making a difference together

Reflecting the undulating curves of the forest, the museum is designed to exhibit a dynamic placement of the artifacts that lets its viewer undergo a visual escapade from the realms of soporific and predictable patterns. It is indeed a figurative allegiance to the free spirit of nature; the museum also hosts art installations in the open with a focus on the ethos of Kanha.

The museum runs on solar energy celebrates the spirit of the native tribals, and becomes a method to conserve their folklores, legends, and traditions. The museum is located within the premises of the Singinawa Jungle Lodge at Baihar, near the Mukki gate of Kanha National Park. The museum gallery provides a visual tapestry of tribal art, with its intricate detail and deeper significance.

Famous Gond Artist Manoj Tekam illustrates his respect and love for #tigers on a canvas and the various facets of the tigers daily life. It shows the cat resting, moving, more rest and hunting. This art work is installed in the Singinawa Jungle Lodge.

The Gonds, one of India’s most populous aboriginal tribes can easily be distinguished by their tattoos. And, the Baiga is a semi-nomadic tribe that practices shifting cultivation and forest produce.

Alka Pande, a notable art historian, curator, and author of several books, was instrumental in putting together the current exhibition at the museum. 

While paying homage to the art might be food for the soul, one can always feel the need to have refreshment that you can easily find at the café situated in the vicinity of the museum. Sounds like a plan, isn’t it?

Address: Kanha Museum of Life and Art, Singinawa Jungle Lodge

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