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Know A Travel Pro’s Tips To Explore Nightlife in Nepal



Know A Travel Pro’s Tips To Explore Nightlife in Nepal

  • When most sightseeing is done during the daytime, what are the late evening options in Nepal?
  • How can you have a good nightlife in Nepal?
  • Take a little time and read about some of the cool experiences you can't miss out in Nepal.
Night Life in Nepal

It is 1 AM on a Friday in Kathmandu, and the city is only just waking up. Tourists in Thamel are still pub hopping in the cozy bars and enjoying the nightlife in Nepal. This is Nepal for you. 

The ultimate destination for experiencing amazing nightlife in Nepal comes across as a paradise for travel enthusiasts. Stunning temples and quaint Himalayan villages, stroll through the medieval century squares that take you back in time. Often hailed as the go-to destination for adventurous activities like Canyoning, climbing, kayaking, paragliding, and mountain biking, the country also offers a bustling nightlife if you know exactly where to be when the sunsets. 

If you are someone who would want the nights to be as thrilling and exhilarating as the day, then you would be surprised by the vibrant nightlife places like Thamel and Pokhara. Watch out for these unique experiences and how you can spend a good nightlife in Nepal. 

Kathmandu, the capital city, hosts famous Clubs and Casinos of country 

Kathmandu seems to have an aversion to sleeping. An endlessly fascinating tale awaits you in Kathmandu for the evenings. The exciting blend of culture and modern architecture, the city, stands at a beautiful threshold of the past. Being the capital of Nepal, the town has several unique themed clubs and bars that will give that once in a lifetime experience. Some of the famous clubs in Kathmandu are Club Deja vu and Club Rum Doodle that attract many tourists who want to listen to some good music and enjoy a great dining scene. If you are up for some extra fun, try your luck in a Casino, yes you read it right! The city has good choices of Casinos that remain open till late at night. Some of the famous ones are Casino Mahjong in Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Casino Anna in Hotel de Annapurna, and Casino Royale in Hotel Yak and Yeti.

A night of musical extravaganza in Thamel

Ask most travellers what is their ideal hangout location in Kathmandu and they would probably answer: Thamel. Brimming with travellers and locals throughout the day, Thamel lures many tourists to its cosy bars, thriving clubs with guest singers and karaoke nights. Get dazzled by a local artist performing on an entirely lit up street or party throughout the night in some of the fanciest pool clubs and bars that remain open even after midnight. You can easily pass for Vegas of Nepal for its wild drinking scene, intense gambling nights at casinos and a great mix of the decent crowd that comes here to join the party mainly from the Western world. 

Pokhara for surprising nights by the side of the lake 

If your idea of nightlife is all about living in the serenity that the Himalayas has to offer and let the calm seep in the surroundings as the day ends, then Pokhara might be the ideal option for you. With spectacular scenery as far as the eye can see, all you need to do is check yourself in a hotel room with the view of this spectacular valley. Pokhara is everything that Thamel is not, yet gets you high on the laid-back charm with its beautiful lakes. You can also explore many pubs and bars around the central tourist hub. 

A stroll through the old past in Patan and Moksh 

The historical allure dated back to 490 B.C, Patan is one of the best places to enjoy the night time in Nepal and is more affordable than others. Often preferred by tourists after sightseeing, the numerous bars and restaurants with lovely décor and food offer you good value and time for your money. Beyond the food and drinks at trendy restaurants, Patan gets retired much earlier than nightlife in Kathmandu, but there is one striking exception, Moksh Live. It is a whole new concept for art, music, and food lovers located at the heart of Jhamsikhel, inside the premises of Gyan-Mandala. Enjoy the live music performances every Tuesday and Friday with Bonfire tables with a warm & cosy environment, and free Wi-Fi. The pizzas from the open oven are the highlight here.

This beautiful landlocked country with dramatic landscapes, exotic locations and a thriving nightlife has everything you may seek from your next travel destination. Hence, if you were ever in doubt that your every day may end on a quiet note in this Himalayan country, it’s time to review that What-to-do-in-Nepal list?

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