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Is Nepal good for a family holiday? What are the nice places there for kids?



Is Nepal good for a family holiday? What are the nice places there for kids?

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Good Question:

Our family of five, including two girls under 7, and my mother of 70, is planning a trip to Nepal in April. I have three questions;

  1. Is Nepal the right family destination?
  2. What are the best highlights you recommend to us for small kids?
  3. Could you suggest some spiritual spots worthy for seniors?

Amit Garg, UP

Good Answer:

Yes, of course, Nepal is a family destination, as there is a lot to see and do for all ages. We suggest a trip minimum of 06 – 07 nights to Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan for the kind of program you are looking for. 

Kathmandu is more of a spiritual and religious sector. There are many important temples and shrines to visit, a few being Pashupatinath (in Kathmandu) and Manakamana ( on the way to Pokhara ). The city has many UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit, like the 200-year-old city of Bhaktapur, Patan Durbar Square, Kathmandu durbar square etc.

Pokhara is a balanced blend of culture and nature, and You could visit places like the famous Fewa lake, The world peace pagoda, Gupteshwor caves, Bindabasini and Tal Barahi temple. Kids can enjoy boat rides on the lake. 

In Nepal, Hinduism and Buddhism go hand in hand. Apart from the famous Hindu temples, there are many significant Buddhist shrines with countless years of history behind them. 

Chitwan will bring you adventurous joys with various wildlife activities suitable for children, adults and elderlies. From jeep safaris and canoe ride to sightings of wild animals will be the best activities for kids. Chitwan is the home of another UNESCO heritage site, Chitwan National Park.

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