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Is Nepal all about Kathmandu and Everest?



Is Nepal all about Kathmandu and Everest?

Two travellers hiking in Kathmandu, Nepal

I think this is what most of us read about the country. When you ask someone this question, more or less the answer is the same. Kathmandu, The capital of Nepal and mighty Himalayan ranges, backpackers, mountaineering. Isn’t it? Undoubtedly, this represents people’s initial perception of India’s little mountain twin, but Nepal is more to it. This dazzling country of friendly natives, smiling locals, delicious food, and the pristine atmosphere is gifted with many resplendent and hidden treasures that must be on your travel list if you are planning a trip to Nepal.

Wish you could see me caged in the middle of my planning for the last holiday to Nepal when everything was just fine and dandy. But, I began to sense that might be strangely boring, and I needed a different route to travel to Nepal. I wanted to disappear in a country and rediscover myself through the absolute blend of nature’s elegance, spectacular landscapes, charming terrains, and home to epic history & past.

Let’s know the birthplace of Lord Buddha better

Nepal is considered one of the most promising and ideal holiday destinations for tourists of varied tastes. If you are an enthusiastic trekker, a nature lover, someone fond of visiting divine heritage sites, or even if you are a lazy lad and a foodie who is just interested in enjoying authentic Nepali cuisine; Nepal is a perfect host with a stupendous retreat.


Let’s put our electronic devices away when we are at this small serene hamlet that offers a glimpse of the prodigious mountain ranges of the Himalayas. This place is a magnet that attracts mountain lovers and true admirers of nature. Nagarkot is just 30 km away from Kathmandu and is a perfect escape with incredible Himalayan views when sunlight gently kisses the snowy peaks. Nagarkot doesn’t disappoint the adrenaline seekers as it facilitates extensive outdoor adventure activities like paragliding, mountain treks, and bike rides.

Pokhara: From traditional to trendy

I know you love boating, which is why I want to tell you about Pokhara situated on the banks of Phewa lake and backgrounded by the marvellous Annapurna mountain range. Pokhara is considered one of the best places to explore and termed as the path leading to the Himalayas through Kathmandu. It provides a complete package of breathtaking scenery constituting new green forest cover, fabulous waterfalls, sublime Orchid Valley, and much more. It is truly a Gem of Nepal that will surely leave you amazed. Let clouds chase your boat, or kids be your walking buddies at the side of the lake, other travellers at any of the famous cafes to enjoy a superb meal.

An inside journey into Sagarmatha National Park

As Sagarmatha National Park turns 45 years old this year, it is still a prominent shelter to tranquil nature-rich mountainsides and healthy wildlife. The National Park is home to several wild animals like black bears, red pandas, and mighty Himalayan tahr, and snow leopards. If you love animals or wildlife photography, then Sagarmatha National Park is your place. It is also home to Mt. Everest near Kathmandu, making it an exceptional experience during the winters.

Lumbini: The holy address

A place of utmost devotional, spiritual, and historical importance is the birthplace of Lord Buddha-Lumbini. The memories of the early life and the emotional connection to Gautam Buddha and his teachings is blissfully soaked in Buddha’s land. Perhaps all the emotion and joy I observed during my stay here was thanks to the monasteries I was warmly welcomed, the best way to feel its pulse. You can visit the Royal Thai Monastery, the ancient Maya Devi Temple, and the World Peace Pagoda.


About 13 km from the capital city, Kathmandu, The UNESCO site of Bhaktapur is a fantastic walking experience. Surrender to the city of ancient temples, other worship places, walking streets, and tourist cafes. You can visit the Bhairavnath temple, the Dattatreya temple, famous Nyatapola temple, and the Royal Palace at the Durbar Square. For the shopping freaks and spendthrifts, the markets of Bhaktapur have lots to offer. Several splendid artefacts and handicrafts, puppets and pottery can be shopped and taken back as a souvenir.

People in Bhaktapur are jolly and usually happy to pose for the camera

Ilam, where the road leads to tea gardens 

Darjeeling of Nepal, Ilam is a small city popularly recognized for its extensive tea plantations. Nepal’s tea district is a quaint and less crowded town that is majorly exploited by tea travellers. Matching the nation’s pulse and following the late back lifestyle of natives, few nights here will rejoice you.

Annapurna face to face

The real romance of the place like Annapurna is not necessarily the solitude and escape from daily life, but also feeling fit and mentally getting 100 percent clearer. The Annapurna region will help you inhale some pure air inside your lungs and filter your body and calming your mind as you trek around the rugged terrain of Annapurna hills. It can be your good chance to challenge your limits, as the trail initially seems like a punishment, but then everything would get more natural from here.

Weirdly, the quote “Nepal once is not enough” is now more relatable to me. How about you?

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