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Safari Glossary: Use These 26 Words On Your Next Jungle Safari In India



Safari Glossary: Use These 26 Words On Your Next Jungle Safari In India

  • Going on a wildlife safari in India?
  • A wildlife safari is at the top of many bucket-lists because of fresh air, gorgeous wild spaces and social distancing.
  • Take a glance at our wildlife safari dictionary and learn some of the most commonly used safari expressions and phrases.
Safe Vacation and Keywords

The word “safari” originates from the Swahili word for “journey” or to Travel. For the travelers, it is a visit to the jungle exploring wildlife, and have a safe vacation. In India, safari has a very distinct wilderness to present, and traveling amongst the wild in the lap of nature would revitalize your soul with a safe vacation. Hence for these we have some keywords for you

A well-informed traveller is always a conscious traveller. At any other day, I would have had doubts about my knowledge on the National Parks, when our ranger says something like A gaggle of geese ( A group of geese on land is called a gaggle) !! But, by now, I understand this completely. 

So, whether it’s your first wildlife safari or 10th, check out this glossary of keywords to know your wildlife safari terminology. We must learn to understand the animals individually, and with it, we fall a little more in love with them. The keywords are –

  1. Asiatic Lion: A panthera leo population found only in India.
  2. Antelopes: Bovids with pointed hollow and permanent horns
  3. Bushwalk: A safari on two feet.
  4. Deers: Carvids with branching horns. 
  5. Diurnal: Animals that are active during day time.
  6. Driver Guide: Local driver who is also driving the safari.
  7. Endemic: A local animal or plant species found in a particular area.
  8. Game Drive: A safari by car during morning or afternoon.
  9. Game Reserve: A protected natural area inhabited by wild animals.
  10. Game Cruise: Safari in open boats.
  11. Game Viewing: Watching or experiencing wildlife.
  12. Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros: vulnerable species found only in India and Nepal.
  13. Lodge: Hotel in the wildlife park area. 
  14. 4X4 Safari: Safari vehicle, mainly 4X4 jeeps carrying up-to four or six people.
  15. Mishmi Takin: An endangered goat-antelope native to India.
  16. National Parks: Areas where wildlife and nature are protected, and fishing and hunting are prohibited.
  17. Night Game Drive: A safari conducted at night
  18. Predator: An animal that hunts and kills other animals for food.
  19. Prey: An animal that is taken by a predator as food.
  20. Ranger: A safari guide who also ensures the security of the park is called the ranger.
  21. Range: An area within which a species can be found.
  22. Safari: A trip through the wilderness.
  23. Self-Drive Safari: A safari where you drive the car.
  24. Territory: An area that an animal claims and consistently defends as its own.
  25. The Big Five: The Indian elephant, the one-horned Rhino, Tiger, Indian leopard and Asiatic lion.
  26. Tourist Zones: Areas from where visitors are allowed to enjoy the fascinating behaviour of animals.

Green Travel Tips: Whether it’s tiger safari in Ranthambore or Periyar wildlife cruise, please remain sensible to animals and avoid any situation where animals are forced to their natural instincts. Like I always say, Elephant ride….No. I have other cool things to do.

* We are gathering more safari words which often make their way into interesting discussions amongst wildlife lovers. Watch this space for more!

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