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Dubai Prepares To Welcome Indian Travellers



Dubai Prepares To Welcome Indian Travellers


While most of us are still wrapping our heads around what else we would miss out in the year 2020, the news of IPL is a sigh of huge relief for cricket fans. Especially for the Indian audience who would do anything to get a glimpse of their favourite players. However, the matches are played in closed stadiums, the IPL broadcaster Star Sports and BCCI are planning to take the help of technology to connect fans with their stars.

As the travel industry around the world is still picking up pieces, the organisation of IPL in Dubai has made this immensely ambitious city, the top destination for tourists. Magnificent skyscrapers, surreal attractions and a reflection of the future, Dubai clean bowls you as soon as you arrive.

With its high preparedness level to provide a safer environment to tourists, Dubai has a strict compliance programme to identify and certify hotels and all F&B outlets that are following the health and hygiene protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

For Indian travellers seeking out a stunning and safe location as far as the pandemic is concerned, Dubai promises a culinary landscape with palm-shaped islands, botanical gardens, fancy nightlife, music, fashion and audaciously scientific concepts like Hyperloop. Although very different and advanced than any Indian city, yet it favourably balances between modernisation and tradition. Deeply rooted in Islamic values, it will falsify all your preconceived notions and bring down all the cultural barriers. Providing a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere; the city amazes you with its diversity.

What is open for travellers in Dubai?

Most of the hotels and restaurants are welcoming guests now. Dubai has also opened all its major attractions like Ski Dubai, the Green Planet, Atlantis Aquaventure and some of the museums as well. However, every place enacts strict social distancing. For the adventurous souls, a number of indoor theme parks are now open. The bars have been allowed to serve drinks, but the order must be delivered straight to the customer table. 

The guests staying at hotels can also enjoy private beaches, and entertainment venues like guests Magic Planet and Little Explorers are also open. However, recurring inspections will take place to ensure that all the protocols are being followed.

But is it safe to travel to Dubai now?

With record-breaking cases in India every day, is travelling a wise option? It may also seem like an unsafe opinion at first, but the official number of 9,886 active cases in the whole of UAE reflects that Dubai is one of the safest destinations right now. Also, the Emirates mortality rate due to Corona is among the lowest in the world. It has been maintained due to the strict measures and the country’s advanced medical care system that guarantees the high testing rate and large intensive care unit capacity.

Another reason that makes Dubai a more prudent choice is its transparent travel guidelines. UAE has already opened its borders for travellers on July 7th 2020 with the commitment to prioritise the safety and the well-being of every visitor. The opening of tourist attractions and public places like shopping malls, restaurants, swimming pools, water parks and golf courses have brought back the charm of this futuristic yet profoundly traditional city. To further encourage people to travel, Dubai has received WTTC’s safe travel stamps. This measure is endorsed by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and can be used by airlines, hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, tour operators, once they implement all the necessary health protocols formed by WTTC ( World travel and tourism council).

Measures taken by the Tourism department

Apart from taking stringent precautions, the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing has also laid out a verification and validation process in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development and Dubai Municipality for issuing the ‘Dubai Assured’ stamp. The stamp comes with a 15 days validity and is renewed when it passes the verification by authorities. 

Dubai tourism has also given a clear line of instructions to the travellers and tour operators. Anyone entering the city must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test issued at least 96 hours before departure. However, people with disabilities and children younger than 12 years are exempted. Visit this glittering city that exudes luxury and Magic and break the monotony with an assurance of safety.

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