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What Does Traveller’s Life Will Look Like In Post-COVID World



What Does Traveller’s Life Will Look Like In Post-COVID World

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Travelling is a passion, a way of living for many even after COVID, especially young adults who like to go backpacking or take adventurous road trips. They spew a sense of adventure, spark, spunk and plenty of optimism, and their choice of stay is Hostels. Even in these COVID times, young travellers dream of the world post lockdown and have begun planning their next trip. There is no destination off-limits for them, not even the ones hit severely by the pandemic.

There is a genuine concern among the authorities and hospitality industry who want to ensure safe travel and stay of these young travel enthusiasts. Numerous surveys conducted to understand the concerns and needs of these travellers revealed that they aren’t exactly worried about travelling. Their concerns about stay in the travel destination remain unchanged with factors such as price, location, cleanliness and ratings of the hostels still playing the major role in selecting their stay.

But one main aspect of the typical independent traveller’s life needs a major re-haul, if only temporarily. The low cost accommodation and guest room options now must have the measures of social distancing at the place to ensure the safety of the travellers.

“Although it may seem like the whole essence of a budget accommodation where people connect with like-minded travellers, share stories, enriching cultures and experiences may not be the same, but it is a step that must be taken keeping in mind the current situation.

Travelling in the post COVID world may have

  • Travellers preferring comfortable and safe rooms over budget options
  • Fewer people travelling this year
  • Solo travelling becoming more popular

Experienced based hotels and home-stays connected with the tourism industry have started thinking the ways to ensure that their guest have a secure, safe and seamless stay. And, to win the trust, there are some changes that these hotels have introduced are:

  • Frequent and deep cleaning
  • Disinfecting of private and public areas
  • Increased availability of hand sanitizers
  • Good ventilation and airflow in all rooms
  • Cashless payment at receptions
  • Online check-ins
  • Ensuring minimum personal contact

As for small boutique home stays, they are:

  • Reducing occupancy at anytime
  • Booking only one group, if any
  • Limiting the number of people at restaurants and bars
  • Restricting large gatherings inside other areas
  • Serving individual rather than buffet breakfasts
  • Providing entertainment and events that involve less interaction
  • Offering ways to see the city with less reliance on public transport

These efforts are being made more effective by making the people aware of the measures being taken for their safety by displaying clear signage throughout the properties.

Everyone is hopeful that this pandemic comes to an end soon and social distancing does not stay long because after all humans are social animals and need some love, friends, travel and lots of good food. So, let’s hope we get to travel again soon but till then Stay Safe, Travel Safe!

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