Akhil Thakkar

An engineer by profession but a developer by passion, a tech-savvy guy with a futuristic approach and astounding managerial skills. He is a travelholic and a dance enthusiast.

Kaustubh Latake

A drifter, dreamer, and an engineer professional, and when not shackled to his work, he can be found exploring new places.

Nayana Gangooly

A wine connoisseur, an active member of Calcutta Wine Club, visits Jazz and Classical Rocks and an entrepreneur curating and promoting Indian textiles work.

Haseeb Shaikh

Naturalists, tour leader, crocodile & snake rescuer, and a Muralist, Haseeb is working for the cause of conservation, both as a freelancer and a consultant.

Trishank Pradhan

Trishank Pradhan has been to over almost all Nepal's passages in his quest for the perfect adventure. He has biked the mountains, trekked the valleys, and doesn't mind roughing it out again.

Anuj Pandey

Anuj Pandey, a compulsive traveller, adventure-junkie, has been heading Operation for Explore Himalaya for many seasons. He is happiest when his backpack is full, and his horizons are open.

Rudy Marak

With a passion for travel, Rudy is currently relishing her life in Goa. She shares informative & inspiring stories and keeps narrating moments in life that we all need to appreciate more.

Nishu Bagdwal

A writer by profession and an adventurer by soul, she is mostly found obsessing over her pets. Currently learning the art-of-balancing through Yoga and soaking up every bit of life.

Shruti Bhatt

A true-blooded girl from mountains in Uttarakhand, Shruti has a strong fondness for nature and believes to be more thoughtful to the places she goes.

Shweta Saluja

A curious traveller exploring new subjects and when she is not travelling, Dehradun-based Shweta Saluja indulges her twin passion of art and writing.