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A drifter, dreamer, and an engineer professional, and when not shackled to his work, he can be found exploring new places.

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Made in Nepal
The Distinctive Made-In-Nepal brands you can’t resist to buy

Forget the big brands. Part of your adventure trip to Nepal can be strolling and shopping Nepal’s charming area, Durbar Marg. Buying loads of one-of-a-kind-labels can be a little reminder of your travel adventure to Nepal.

Two travellers hiking in Kathmandu, Nepal
Is Nepal all about Kathmandu and Everest?

Say “Nepal,” and most Indian think Mt. Everest. But maybe one trip to Nepal, and you will say Nepal once is not enough.

People of Kathmandu
Why Nepal should be in your bucket list for 2021.

New year, new resolutions, and new travel plans. Are you looking for travel bucket list ideas for your…