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Ask A Local: Gujarat with Haseeb Shaikh



Ask A Local: Gujarat with Haseeb Shaikh

  • When you evaluate a destination, go beyond merely checking out cosy hotels and restaurants.
  • Kutch has almost everything which a tourist wants. People of Kutch are known for their spirit of living in adversity.

A resident of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Haseeb Shaikh’s life revolves around nature, wildlife, and conservation. A keen wildlife and nature enthusiast, he is working as a professional ‘Naturalist & Nature Educator’ for the cause of conservation, both as a freelancer and a consultant. As a history lover, he also provides his services to the destination tour guide. He shares the facts on various aspects of history & culture such as heritage, architecture, medieval history, spiritualism, tribal, textile, sultanate period, wildlife, and many more.

With many seasons of on-the- ground travel-experience in Gujarat as a top travel advisor, he also provides camping activities for nature enthusiasts, lovers, and activists to inculcate awareness and respect for nature in them. He reveals and introduces you to his favourite spots, new experiences, destinations on the rise, and tips for making travel better. He’s happy that today travellers are showing increasing interest in lesser-known cities and the community engagement as an opportunity for cultural exchange.

A multilingual, he speaks fluent English, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi and Marathi. He is most excited to show you his private collection of coins from more than 150 countries belonging to different eras.

He speaks about Gujarat

When you evaluate a destination, go beyond merely checking out cosy hotels and restaurants. Gujarat, a state of rich history, culture and heritage dating back thousands of years, has many such experiences for your bucket list. From off-the-beaten path destinations like Great Rann of Kutch to the hills of Saputara and the only place to view pure Asiatic lions in the world, it is a destination for inspiring photographs, nature and wildlife lovers and explorers. In recent years Statue Of Unity has emerged as the major tourist spot of Gujarat which ticks all of the boxes. It is the tallest statue in the world. Travellers can also enjoy the unique folk dances and some lip-smacking dishes of the state well-known all over the world. From religion to nature, from economy to culture, Gujarat with its wide diversity is one of the most well-developed states in the country.

“Wildlife surprises you when you least expect it”
His Favourite Travel Quote

Culture and style

Kutch has almost everything which a tourist wants. People of Kutch are known for their spirit of living in adversity as it was a remote place with the scarcity of water long ago. But people of Kutch lived there with the spirit and cultivated an artistic way of living and made their life and the place more beautiful. Explore small communities and villages of Kutch known for its fabulous embroideries like Bhujodi, Ajrakhpur, Ludiya and Hodka village etc.
Among the Rabaris women, fashion is the way of life which is visible in their choice of clothes and style of embroideries.

A place you fall in love with…

The nocturne affair with Kutch on a moonlight night which can possibly unlock the discovery to your existence in case you are seeking one. The Rann of Kutch, a unique region in Gujarat, is one of the largest salt deserts in the world. This remarkable place is a photographer’s delight and has, in recent years, grown famous as a destination for offbeat travel. Don’t miss out the yearly ‘Rann festival’ which includes daily cultural and musical performances.

A travel itinerary of Gujarat must have….

The Tribals of Kutch. There are a number of villages surrounding Kutch which are home to a mix of extremely talented tribal groups and sub-castes. Producing some of India’s finest, most exquisite handicrafts, textiles, embroidery and mirror work is their pride.

The magnificent land of Kutch still remains rejuvenated with their immaculate and rural environment.

Gir National Park as we all know is famous for the Asiatic Lions. It is the only natural habitat in the world for them. Be bewildered with some of the rarest species of birds and animals that can be seen here.

Wild Ass Sanctuary in Surendranagar is the home of the only remaining population of the chestnut-coloured Indian wild ass. There’s also a huge bird population from October to March (this is one of the few areas in India where flamingos breed in the wild).

Do not leave without trying….

Ahmedabad is India’s first UNESCO Heritage City has many monuments, palaces, and museums of historical importance.

The earlier residence of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba, Sabarmati Ashram echoes the simplicity adopted by Gandhi. The Ashram which is created with modest materials like stones for the flooring is undoubtedly the most prominent tourist attraction situated in the suburb of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

COVID-19 Response

Gujarat has steadily ramped up testing for Covid-19 diagnosis almost thrice. Various measures have been taken the same as other parts of India like active participation of private hospitals in control and treatment.

Sustainable Travel Tips

Seek out eco-conscious hotels and accommodations that support sustainable development and have minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

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