The Wisdom That Comes With Pedalling In The Countryside During The Pandemic

“Real people, Real travel” is a City &I series about everyday travellers from various fields,…

10 ways to kill time at Airport
10 best ways to kill time at the Airport.

If you have a considerable amount of time before getting on your flight or waiting…

City Of Secrets And Stories: A Weekend In Kolkata

How do you get to know a city better? Is it in pieces in the…

Wildlife Safri with Kids
Going wild with the kids

Looking for a wildlife holiday for going wild with the kids? Here are tips for…

Importance of Travel Insurance
Why Is Travel Insurance Becoming More important Now

Travel insurance is already more important for people like Amit Khanna. That’s mainly because of…

Java Rain Resorts
Safety Of Guests At Java Rain Resort
New Normal At Fern Hotels & Resorts
We Care For You By HRH Hotels
Taj Hotels
New Contactless Experience At Taj Hotels
Kunal & Romeet on River Cruise
From the river cruise: Kunal & Romeet on their relationship as mentor & protégé

The story of two colleagues or friends sailing on the river cruise Assam Bengal Navigation, and their shared journeys, lessons learnt and camaraderie.

Breaking stereotypes: The Kung-Fu Nuns Of Nepal Earning Their Way To Empowerment

Perfecting their stance and movements, the kungfu nuns at a 26-year-old Buddhist nunnery in the…

Safe Vacation and Keywords
Safari Glossary: Use These 26 Words On Your Next Jungle Safari In India

The word “safari” originates from the Swahili word for “journey” or to Travel. For the…

How far in advance, I have to book my trip to Nepal? If we take sightseeings on the spot, will it be cheaper?

Good Question: We are a family of four planning a trip to Nepal in mid-April,…

Can I go skydiving on Mt Everest? What are the skydiving options in Nepal?

Good Question: I’m a solo traveller and interested in skydiving in Nepal. Which places do…

Is Nepal good for a family holiday? What are the nice places there for kids?

Good Question: Our family of five, including two girls under 7, and my mother of…

Annapurna Circuit
Why Annapurna Circuit is listed among 10 must-visit tourist destinations worldwide by Lonely Planet

Stuck at home because of lockdown? Slowly with time, the travel will resume, but the…

Made in Nepal
The Distinctive Made-In-Nepal brands you can’t resist to buy

Forget the big brands. Part of your adventure trip to Nepal can be strolling and shopping Nepal’s charming area, Durbar Marg. Buying loads of one-of-a-kind-labels can be a little reminder of your travel adventure to Nepal.

Night Life in Nepal
Know A Travel Pro’s Tips To Explore Nightlife in Nepal

Although limited choices, the nightlife in Nepal still has something for every type of traveller. Take a little time and read about some of the cool experiences you can’t miss out in Nepal.

The Life of A Sherpa
What Everybody Ought To Know About The Life Of A Sherpa

There’s more to learn from the Sherpa community than just fearlessly scaling to the top of Mt Everest. They scale courage, humility and the spirit of brotherhood.

Gir National Park Nepal
What are the sightseeing options in Gir National Park for families?

Good Question: I am looking to travel near Gir National Park with my husband and…

We prefer to have a lot of free time to explore the markets, cafes, and shops in Nepal. Any recommendations? – Everything about Nepal

Good Question: Is Nepal a good option for senior travellers? I want to gift a…

Is Nepal suitable for senior travellers, and are there good sightseeing options and local experiences ideal for senior travellers?

Good Question: Is Nepal a good option for senior travelers? I want to gift a…

What Is The Weather Like In Nepal in May? Is It A Good Month To Travel?

Good Question: I am planning a weeklong vacation to Nepal at the end of May…

Passports City &I
Know the 10 most powerful passports in the world. Where does Indian Passport rank? 

Japan once again retained its top place as the world’s most powerful passport in 2020 for the…

City &I
Where Are Indians Travelling In The Year 2021

The pandemic changed many of our travel habits last year, including how we travel and where we…

Two travellers hiking in Kathmandu, Nepal
Is Nepal all about Kathmandu and Everest?

Say “Nepal,” and most Indian think Mt. Everest. But maybe one trip to Nepal, and you will say Nepal once is not enough.

Wilderness, Breathtaking Views And Social Distancing- Welcome To New Drive-To-Destinations

Saee Gundawar, a Naturalist at Satpura Tiger Reserve reveals her love for a trail discovered hundred and fifty years ago.

Staycation: The New Outlook On Travel And Why It Is A Safe Bet

Travelling to a new place, especially during times like this when ‘health’ remains the prime…

Why Travel Should be Considered An Essential Human Activity

I’ve been putting my passport to good use lately especially for travel. I use it…

Unlearn: The Year The Earth Stood Still
Unlearn: The Year The Earth Stood Still – A Must Read Book of Bruce Poon Tip

Tourism is itself one of the wonders of the world that inspires people to visit…

People of Kathmandu
Why Nepal should be in your bucket list for 2021.

New year, new resolutions, and new travel plans. Are you looking for travel bucket list ideas for your…

City &I
To Travel Or Not To Travel: The Corona Virus Dilemma

Staying at home due to Corona Virus has resulted in unexpected nostalgia and the fear…

Reviving Indigenous Art: Kanha Museum Of Life & Art

The Story Curated in the jungle, the Kanha Museum of Life and Art showcases indigenous…

The New Way Of Drinking Tea: Laheke Chai Cafe

The Story A little cafe in the vicinity of Kaziranga National Park called Laheke Chai…

wildlife park City &I
Rethinking To Visit To Wildlife Park – New Ways Amid COVID-19

As humanity takes a gripping turn towards the ‘new normal’, making adjustments big or small…

When You Walk With A Tigress In The Jungle

Visits to Tigress infested National Parks are always exciting. Being a Naturalist, my job takes…

Ask A Local: Gujarat with Haseeb Shaikh

A resident of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Haseeb Shaikh’s life revolves around nature, wildlife, and conservation. A…

Nayana Gangooly Kolkata
Ask A Local: Kolkata with Nayana Gangooly

Nayana has immersed herself in the historical and architectural idiosyncrasies of Kolkata, using her own ancestry.

Domestic Travel City &I
Indians will prefer domestic travel in year 2021 & will be more price conscious: Survey

Nearly 70% Indian travellers will be more price conscious in planning an outing than before,…

What will it take you to travel again?

If we could ask you one question—What will it take you to travel again?City &I…

travel guidelines in COVID
Travel Guidelines And Advisories In India

The COVID-19 SOPs, protocols, and travel guidelines are frequently changing and getting updated by respective…

Mondreeta Sengupta Uttarakhand
Ask A Local: Uttarakhand With Mondreeta Sengupta

A resident of the leafy suburb of Rajpur on the outskirts of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Mondreeta…

Staycation: Escaping To One Destination With Many Temptations

The longings for a long weekend, endless pondering about trips and the debates over budget…

Akanksha Garg
In conversation with Akanksha Garg: This is what leaders in the industry think

Akanksha Garg, director and CEO of the Waxpol hotels, a group of boutique sustainable wildlife…

Indian Railways City &I
Indian Railways – Paving Way For The New Normal In Travel

As we sit at home and wait for things to get back to normal, the…

Tatasuyuki Ichinose
What Leaders In The Industry Think: In Conversation With Tatasuyuki Ichinose

Tatasuyuki Ichinose runs a Management consultancy firm “Sekai o Tsunagu” based out of Tokyo, Japan.…

Airport Safety
Airport Safety Protocols And Important Guidelines
For the well being of travellers during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, airports and airlines have…
Patrick Richards
In Conversation With Patrick Richards: This Is What Leaders In The Industry Think

With over 34 years of a track record of achievement at C-suite and Board level…

Travel News
Travel News: Here Are New Guidelines Issued For International Arrivals

A new set of travel news has been issued by the Ministry of Health and…

Krithika Subramanian
In Conversation With Krithika Subramanian: This Is What Leaders In The Industry Think

Krithika Subramanian, a hotelier, a classical dancer, an architect and designer who owns Svatma Resort,…

Julian Matthews
In Conversation With Julian Matthews: This Is What Leaders In The Industry Think

Julian Matthews is the Founder and Chairman of the travel trade campaign called TOFTigers, and…

Dubai Prepares To Welcome Indian Travellers

While most of us are still wrapping our heads around what else we would miss…

71 Percent Millennials Ready To Travel Within India In Next 6 Months: Survey

New Delhi: Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the travel and tourism sector in…

Tadoba Tiger Reserve
No Kids Under 10 Or Seniors When Tadoba Tiger Reserve Reopens On 1 October

The Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) is set to open to tourists from 1 October, with…

Quarantine Guidelines
Updated List Of Quarantine Guidelines For Every State In India

The Airport Authority of India has put together a consolidated list of quarantine guidelines across…

The travel and tourism industry was decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic but recent data shows signs of hope for the industry.
Travel And Tourism Companies Begin To Rebound

The travel and tourism industry was decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic but recent data shows…

Safe Vacation
7 Tips From Travel Writers On Safe Vacation During Covid

Despite the sluggish pace of sheltering in place for six months now, Labor Day weekend…

Two travellers hiking in Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal Is Giving Priority To Indian Tourists To Revive Tourism Post COVID-19

Wooing Indian tourists is a high priority for the Gandaki provincial government of Nepal once the…

2021 - The year of travel
If 2021 Becomes The Year Of Travel, This Is What Will Happen

If 2020 is the lost year for travel, will 2021 be the year of recovery?…

Goa’s New Travel Rules: No COVID Tests, No E-Pass Needed To Enter

Getting to Goa will be a lot easier in September with the new Unlock 4.0…

Rocky and Mayur road trip
How To Pick The Best Highway Stops And Other Road-Tripping Tricks From Rocky & Mayur

For more than a decade, travel buddies, television show hosts, and insatiable eaters Rocky Singh…

Goa Guidelines
COVID Test, Negative Certificate No Longer Needed To Enter Goa

PANAJI: Chief minister Pramod Sawant said on Monday in Goa Guidelines that the state has…

Flight Rules
New Flight Rules Introduced For Domestic Flyers

Union civil ministry has also announced that any passenger who refuses to wear a face…

Adventure and Beach Tourism
New Adventure And Beach Tourism To Boost Outbound Travel To Nepal, Bhutan And Sri Lanka

To travel or not to travel and have the adventure? That is the question. As…

Passport and flight curbs
How Travellers Are Beating Flight Curbs In The Age Of Covid

Travel and flight curbs and border restrictions are upending lives around the globe, with some…

Insurance Guidelines by WTTC
WTTC Launches Insurance Guidelines For The Travel & Tourism Sector

London, UK: The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has unveiled its Insurance Guidelines to rebuild…

travel guidelines in COVID
What Does Traveller’s Life Will Look Like In Post-COVID World

Travelling is a passion, a way of living for many even after COVID, especially young…